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Cage Amateurs UK

Site Changes

I have after much concideration changed a few things about the website. I archive anything that was done two years ago but up till now I have not done this with bare knuckle items. To make thigs easier for everyone I have now split up the gloved and ungloved boxing and have now archieved any bare knuckle interviews or fights that have reached the two year stage. As I now have a lot of features coming in about bare knuckle boxing fighters with more than one piece now have a tab with everything in one place. Thank you to those contributing in the form of Stu Armstrong, The Stu Armstrong Interviews, Kris Megaw, The BKB Lowdown and Andy Juby and Anthony Henenessey with the Bbad Bulletin.

Bobby Gunn

I am sitting here listening to Stu Armstrongs interview with Bobby Gunn on Radio Northumberland and I want to be the first to tell you that if you have not ever listened to Stu's show then you really should. It is on every Wednesday at 9pm and then is on Mix Cloud for further listening when ever you have the time to do so. This is a great interview with Bobby don't miss it.

Thank You

I would just like to say thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday on the 17th on facebook. I was shocked by how many people actually put them selves out to do so and you all made my day so thank you so much it mean't a lot too me.

Happy Third Birthday

Well it is three years since Cage Amateurs UK started Cage Amateuring and how times fly and things chance. Being the only one left I shall raise a toast to me. Happy Birthday to Cage Amateurs UK. Bit sad really singing to a website.

New Interviews From The Bbad Bulletin and Bareknuckle Lowdown

Since Kris Megaw has moved to pastures new Andy Juby has teamed up with a new writing partner Anthony Henenessy to continue his role interviewing Bbads New Era of fighters. The teams first interview in there guise of The Bbad Bulletin is with fighter Christian Evans. Kris on the other hand is now writing for his facebook page The BareKnuckle Lowdown with an equally nice interview with Steve 'The Killer' Miller.

Martial Arts Fair

I have just finished an interview with Muay Thai student and Instructor at Universities Of Medway Muay Thai in Chatham Kent Jonny Wong. Jonny is currently on his third year of his degree and part of this was to organise an event of some description. Jonny has arranged a Martial Arts Fair for Saturday 21st March at the University and will be raising funds for the Help For Heroes Charity. Read how Jonny's is progressing with the Fair and then we change the line of questioning to find out a bit more about Jonny Wong and Muay Thai

Monaghan's Prizefighters 9

Nice bit of Combat Sport in the form of boxing in Didcot hosted by Tyrone Monaghan now on his 9th show. Read and watch how it went at Fight Night Tyrone has announced another out door show dates to be confirmed. The last one was a great night out and had a excellent atmosphere. You would have enjoyed this even if boxing isn't your thing so keep your eyes on here for more news.

Stu Armstrong Interviews

Stuart Armstrong on Radio Northumberland every Wednesday at 9pm for the best interviews in combat sport that always pack a punch and now catch up with Stu in Peep Magazine.  Peep Magazine describes it's self as A Photojounalistic publication focusing on North East Boxing / BKB / K-1 / Social Documentary and Interviews.  Now it is at this point I should be saying something in the line of 'So what I live in the south east and you only do the North East. Don't you like us?'
But I won't because my mate Stu writes for them, they are sure not too realise I am only joking as they have never heard of me let alone met me. There is more likely more of them than me. Finally they might take offence and give me a kicking when they come across me. Oh and did I mention it's rather good!  Jon P

Seth Jones

Our mate bare knuckle boxer Seth Jones has found himself staying at one of the state run hotels for naughty boys.Wrote to him to hopefully cheer him up a bit and was lucky enough to get a nice reply from him saying how much he was looking forward to the entertainment and fine dining that the prison was laying on over the festive period. If you fancy dropping him a letter I am pretty much sure he would appreciate it and it would cheer him up no end to know he hasn't been forgotten. 
If you wish to write too Seth you can find him at Seth Jones, A3090CM, HMP Stoke Heath, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 2JI