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Raging Bull

Well I am a happy bunny. Following the interview I did with Crystal Kirkuppt I was contacted by Jay Wann boss at Raging Bull who has invited me to record all of their shows for Cage Amateurs UK. This is a very good result especially with Raging Bull being one of the countries top bkb shows. I personally can not wait to get started.

Crystal Kirkuppt

A lady this time as I talk to one of the Raging Bull Team. If I was not sure before this no nonsense lady has made things Crystal clear. Crystal Kirkuppt tells it how it is as we discuss such things as Women in bare knuckle boxing, Christmas presents and Hells Angels.

Christian Roberts

After a couple of months missing in action he is back with the Bare Knuckle Lowdown. Kris Megaw's first piece for a while finds him catching up with gloved boxer and ex manager of Decca Heggie ahead of his own first bare knuckle fight. Read Kris's interview with Christian Roberts

Pete Stoten

Today I am speaking to a local trainer, fighter and promoter. He has had a busy gloved career and is now, thanks to his friend and Bbad BKB fighter Craig Amer, turning his hand to bare knuckle boxing. Read The Pete Stoten Interview

Bare Knuckle Boxing

Well I have had my say on the whole subject of bkb promotions but have decided to take it down as I have made my point even if only to myself and I wish each show the best. Just one last thing remember guys you have the baby in your arms. Don't drop it on it's head. Joe Bbad Brown has 'extended his hand' for the good of bkb resulting in a Raging Bull fighter taking on Bbad's Pete Stoton on a Bbad show in September.

Academy of Hard Knocks

Off to Aldershot on Sunday to Sam Rowe's fund raiser for The Academy of Hard Knocks which is going to involve an attempt to beat the world record for most punches a second by doing thirteen punches in that short amount of time. Starts at one at Fight Science in Aldershot see you there if you can make it. Made it too the fund raiser but sadly it was not as well attended as Sam may have hoped. It was a shame really that people say they will attend and then don't. I fully understand that sometimes things do not go as planned but it also strikes me there are some people that just say yes without thinking things through.

Interview With Lewis MacKay

Interview with a fighter I have been meaning to speak to for sometime and have finally got round to doing. A regular on Monaghan's Prizefigfhters boxer Lewis MacKay

Tim Hague

From the pen of Mr Andy Juby of BBAD Bulletin fame comes a nice interview with Canadian Mixed Martial Artist Tim 'The Thrashing Machine' Hague. Don′t forget to visit Andy over on his website The BBAD Bulletin and keep up with all the latest from Bbad

Popular Peter Dodds

Stu Armstrong interviews fighter 'Popular' Peter Dodds who has recently competed in the Last Man Standing Competition where he fought his opponent for 23 two minute rounds before the referee called the fight to an end and announced ibot a draw. Listen to what he has to say in the latest of the Stu Armstrong Interviews

Seth Jones Interview From Behind Locked Doors

Interview with Bare Knuckle Boxer Seth Jones from behind the walls of HMP Stoke Heath. Read what Seth has to say about BKB, PPV and Prison Food

Stu Armstrong Interviews

Stuart Armstrong on Radio Northumberland every Wednesday at 9 pm for the best interviews in combat sport that always pack a punch.

Seth Jones

Our mate bare knuckle boxer Seth Jones has found himself staying at one of the state run hotels for naughty boys.Wrote to him to hopefully cheer him up a bit and was lucky enough to get a nice reply from him saying how much he was looking forward to the entertainment and fine dining that the prison was laying on over the festive period. If you fancy dropping him a letter I am pretty much sure he would appreciate it and it would cheer him up no end to know he hasn't been forgotten.
If you wish to write too Seth you can find him at Seth Jones, A3090CM, HMP Stoke Heath, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 2JI