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Kris Megaw and Andrew Juby

We have a new interview by Kris Megaw but he has now been joined by Andrew Juby who will be assisting him with his endless search for subjects. Plenty more in the pipeline but first his and Andy's latest piece about bare knuckle fighter Jay Strickson


It seems someone of the light fingered variety has been on the loose and helped themselves from the Charlie Bronson is Dead Exhibition. Please read on

Stephen Cairney Interview

Stuart Armstrong

Don't forget Stuart Armstrong is Interviewing BKB Fighter Steve Cairney for Radio Nothumberland on 27th at 9pm. For more information about this and other shows follow this link.
There is some exciting stuff going on in the bare knuckle world especially the proposed fight between James Quinn and Ken Shamrock. Stu Armstrong is going to be doing a show about Combat Sport on Northumberland Radio and has kindly allowed us to post the interviews here on Cage Amateurs UK after they have been aired on his show. We have done three audio interviews ourselves starting with Andy Topliffe and in many ways was easier to do than a written interview as it turns into a conversation which can be lead by the comments of the interviews subject. That is of course if you are used to speaking in such a situation as I found erm and um was said more times than I ever realized in a conversation. End result after editing was a forty five minute piece and the realization that Dan and Andy can talk for England.Anyway I digress. Back to the Quinn, Shamrock fight. Stu has an interview coming up with Ken Shamrock and has more interviews coming up. I will let you know when the show is being broadcast,exciting times ahead.

Kris Megaw

Spoke to Kris last night on the phone after countless messages on facebook and confirmed some great new, especially for me and those of you who come to Cage Amateurs UK. Currently Kris writes about B-BAD's fighters but a journo is simmering inside and he wishes to move on to other Combat Sports. Which he is doing and guess what they will be here. He has some great stuff lined up so keep your eyes peeled for Kris Megaw Writes. Welcome aboard Kris I'm looking forward to your input with more than some excitement.

Raging Bull

Kind of quiet this month but Raging Bull have a show at the end of the month. Keep a watch on Show Dates for what is going on and where. Apart from the Raging Bull show which is on the 31st January in Leicester which is up the M1 if I am not mistaken. There is the Charlie Bronson is Dead exhibition of his work. While I think about it Charlies book is available from The Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund but take note of this please. DO NOT buy things from anywhere apart from The Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund website or from Classic Fights who you may see selling items at various shows. You are being ripped off and so is the Fund. On a side note due to police action this means The Raging Bull boys have claimed the first BKB show of the year.

White Collar Fight Club

The White Collar Fight Club are back again in April for show number six. At the moment all I know is it is on the 18th and at a guess it will be at Lordwood. Keep your eyes open for more details.

Stuart Armstrong

Stuart Armstrong

Author, Doorman and Patron of Choose Lives Not Knives are listed among his many and varied talents. Quite how he manages to fit everything into his week is totally beyond me to be honest but fit it in he does including an interview he did with Kris Megaw which you can read in the aptly named Stuart Armstrong tab of this very site. But while I have your attention I am going to take this chance to point out that Stu has arranged a couple of fund raising events to take place to raise funds for Choose Lives Not Knives.One of particular note which will fill up real fast is Firewalk. Pretty self explanatory really that one. If you would like to take part and raise some much needed funds check out show dates for information and who to contact or for more in depth information follow this link. Firewalk raising funds for Choose Lives Not Knives.
Quick mention that Stuart now has his own online where among'st other things you can buy his manly Diaries of a Doorman books, his slightly less manly children's books and his he does poetry as well. Grab them from Stu's Store. Hey I made that name up.

Choose Lives Not Knives

Stu Armstrong talks bout the charity that Steve Cairney started after a personal tragedy that should not happen to a parent. As an on going campaign Team Choose LivesNot Knives Added a We Support tab of this site along with The Academy of Hard Knocks and The Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund.

Firewalk For Lives Not Knives

Stuart Armstrong has been busy so here's one for your 2015 diary. Stu has arranged a Firewalk and party to raise funds for Live Not Knives in Newcastle in the month of April. Now should you fancy this, and I am sure you do, take a look over in the we support section for more info about Firewalk. Once you have taken a look at that Kris Megaw has been busy again this time he has spoken to the founder of Lives Not Knives Steve Cairney. He's also a bare knuckle fighter, Steve that is not Kris. Anyway check out Kris's interview with Steve Cairney.

B-BAD Promotions

Bit of bad news from the B-Bad camp in so much as the licence for the show been revoked by the police under the rather dubious health and safety banner. Tickets for the show due to be held on the 10th of January at Dave Courtney's house in London will be transferred or refunded by contacting Joe B-BAD. On the plus side their next show is still due to take place in Newcastle on February 21st and looks like it is going to be a cracking night out. Tickets through the usual source or as rumor has it it will be on Pay Per View and possibly Dvd but time will tell. Personally I am not too keen on paying for one view on pay per view at about the £15 mark I would guess. I think I would prefer the video option but that's just my opinion and as I well know these shows have to be paid for at the end of the day so promoters have to make some money where they can. Trust me when I say what they do make isn't always equal to all the work involved.

Seth Jones

Our mate bare knuckle boxer Seth Jones has found himself staying at one of the state run hotels for naughty boys. Wrote to him to hopefully cheer him up a bit and was lucky enough to get a nice reply from him saying how much he was looking forward to the entertainment and fine dining that the prison was laying on over the festive period. If you fancy dropping him a letter I am pretty much sure he would appreciate it and it would cheer him up no end to know he hasn't been forgotten. Small problem at the moment they have moved him and so far I have not heard where to. When I do find out I will post it on here.
If you wish to write too Seth you can find him at Seth Jones, A3090CM, HMP Stoke Heath, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 2JI