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Charity Wrestling Alliance

Finally got the page done with video for the CWA show Takedown For Diabetes on 6th September

Had A Bit Of Fun With The Ice Bucket Challenge

CWA Referee Grant Mitchell

With the CWA heading towards their third show on September 6th it seemed like a good idea to speak to one of the CWA team. Having spoke to Karl last time I decided on the flick of a coin to speak to referee Grant Mitchell

Paddy Monaghans Night Of Unlicensed Boxing

Recently Paddy Monaghan(Bare Knuckle Boxing Undefeated World Champion) held an event at Didcott Football Stadium in support of the Charlie Bronson Appeal Fund which we attended and filmed for YouTube. I put together a DVD for Tyrone and a couple of others but if you would like a copy I will be doing some more for sale. By my calculation there will be £7.50 after costs which Cage Amateurs UK and The people behind the event, Paddy, Tyrone and Classic Fights will pass on to help the appeal fund. Details of how to purchase the dvd showing your support for Charlie can be found by clicking Stop Waffling And Take Me Too It

Academy of Hard Knocks

The Academy Of Hard Knocks Are Looking To raise funds by holding a ball at Nick Chapmans Fight Science Gym in Aldershot on 25th October. Looks like it will be a great night for a good cause. We will have more information nearer the time but in the meantime you can check the details on our Show Dates page of the site.

Tami's Angels

An interview with Ring Girls Tami's Angels. The Ring or Cage Girls are an important part of any show but are the y more than just a pretty face. I put on my halo and go and find out. Ring Girls - Tami's Angels

Combat Archives

I have been going through all the pages on the website and tucking anything 2 years or more away into an archive section. Amazing how we managed to get the time to do it all way back then. Take a look at the archive section over on Cage Amateurs UK to see days gone by

Charity Wrestling Alliance Karl Trotter

Congratulations to Karl over at The Charity Wrestling Alliance on receiving an award from The British Wrestlers Reunion. September 6th is the date for the next CWA show in support of Diabetes UK

White Collar Fight Club

WCFC 5 is confirmed for 1st November 2014 at the Lordswood Leisure Centre.Contact Daniel Towers or Louise Holloway for details.


Catch up with the latest WWE or TNA blogs from our resident bloggers The Jobber Blogger and The Infamous Informer by clicking the Wrestling tab above.

Charlie Salvador(Bronson)

To write to Charlie: Please send a self stamped addressed envelope with your letter as Charlie has limited funds
Charlie Salvador (Bronson) A8076AG
HMP Woodhill
Tattenhoe Street
Milton Keynes

Charlie Latest News via Appeal Fund Website

1st September 2014
As has been widely reported, Charlie was sentenced to two years for the so-called 'attack' on a Governor at Woodhill Prison in February 2014. Yet again the media don't fully explain WHY this incident happened, the psychological abuse he was put through whilst there, the liberties Woodhill took with him (deliberately withholding his mail for no good reason) or the fact that he is already serving a never-ending sentence for false imprisonment and is 11 years over the recommended tariff. The whole system is a joke. Charlie will never get justice until the media start to print the FULL story and the FACTS. Roll on the legal appeal - and if this doesn't bring about the justice Charlie deserves, then it's onto European Court of Human Rights. This fight ain't over for us! For us, the fight goes on. We hope Charlie's friends and true supporters will be with us.
Charlie has served his time, it's time to free him!
3rd August 2014
Charlie has now been informed that his case has been passed to a Case Review Manager and he should be hearing from them within the next 4-6 weeks. Fingers crossed for a positive response. This is in relation to Charlie's request for leave to appeal against his life sentence. We will keep everyone updated as soon as we have more news!
3rd August 2014
Charlie has taken the decision to change his name [officially] via deed poll, to Charles Salvdor.
21st July 2014
Just to keep everyone updated on the totally incorrect article in the Daily Mirror, who wrongly stated that Charlie had been moved to Wakefield due to a fight with 12 prison guards, we have now taken our complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. The 'Journalist' Steve White has advised us that this means the Mirror will not now print a retraction or an apology, as the PCC investigates.
He has never held a mobile phone, or used a laptop or desktop computer. He has never accessed the internet and the multitude of information it has to offer. He has never seen a sunset over a foreign sky, or laid on a tropical beach with the sun on his face and the ocean lapping at his feet. He has never enjoyed a beer with his son. He has no memory of how beautiful flowers can be, because he cannot remember when he last saw one. Warm and loving physical contact is virtually non-existent for him. He has none of the memories most of us have, of family occasions,shared memories with friends and a s ense of being,and where we are situated in this world. His world is built from cold steel bars, surrounded by brutality and surveillance. He has no personal autonomy, no choice over virtually any aspect of his life and has had to survive on his wits; a constant heightened sense of tension for what may come. He has survived beatings, stabbings and enforced drug control and psychological abuse from those with a duty of care to help him. Yet still, he is capable of love and trust in the human race, complex emotions that drive his creativity - like a flower that grows in the desert - against all odds and in defiance of its surroundings.
13th July 2014
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