Craig Amer

Stu Armstrong Interviews Craig 'The Hammer' Amer

 Craig Amer
Stuart is marching on at a great turn of speed with his interviews with people from the world of combat sport but this week he is doubling up and having two interviews for his Radio Northampton show. The show is on every Wednesday at 9 pm and kicked the series off with Ken Shamrock with promises of more big names to come. This interview is an audio piece that I have removed the music tracks from to avoid copyright problems but otherwise the interview is unchanged.
This week Stu talks to Craig 'The Hammer' Amer ahead of his Title Bout against Mike 'The Real Deal' Ferry at BBad Promotions show to be held in Newcastle on the 21st of February and then to Mike which can be found by clicking here. Craig who is a successful gloved boxer and MMA fighter and will be fighting Mike 'The Real Deal' Ferry on 21st February in Newcastle for the Heavyweight Title.


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